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Livermore 420 Medical Card SolutionS

Apply for your medical marijuana card quickly and cost-effectively. Talk to our licensed doctors.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation 

Taking the Cannabis Route for a Better Tomorrow

We have a team of medical professionals that strive to relieve you from your astonishing pain. We understand your need for cannabis for treatment and we are here to help you with the best of our abilities.

We believe in providing you with quality services without taking much of your time. Our objective is to walk on the rope with you and make sure you reach the end of it with full satisfaction.

We have a staff at your disposal that makes sure your priorities are our objectives and your demands are our results. Our medical marijuana doctors care for your well being and ensure that you get the best treatment possible. We offer telemedicine for obtaining 420 evaluations in San Francisco.

How it works?

Telemedicine has swiftly changed the face of healthcare sector. Today, with the help of real-time telemedicine technology, you can get MMJ recommendation from the comfort of your home. Just get in touch with us by creating an account on our online portal and complete a basic patient questionnaire. Get evaluated by a licensed doctor through a video consultation and receive your recommendation in your email within 10 minutes.

Benefits of MMJ Card?

Access to High-Quality Cannabis. Having a medical marijuana card means you can order the compound from an approved dispensary in your state.
It Reduces Costs and Taxes.
Offer Legal Protection.

Patient-care Satisfaction

We ensure that every patient receives world-class medicare facilities. And that they get access to medical recommendations quickly.


Expert Opinion

Our certified doctors are highly experienced. Our staff is extremely friendly and takes good care of patients.

Our staff is extremely friendly and takes good care of patients.

Medical cannabis is becoming popular day-by-day, and for all the good reasons. Many studies have proved that it can help people with the health conditions.

How To Prevent The Pandemic From Affecting You and Your Cannabis Stock?

The COVID-19 crisis has crippled the global economy and exacerbated the capital crunch that emerged as soon as the COVID-19 hit major US states. This crisis has also presented us with major operational challenges that will affect most businesses including marijuana businesses deemed essential in some US states.



Top Notch Services is our Promise to You


There is no need for an appointment. Sign up and fill out the form and provide your personal & medical details.


An marijuana Doctor will evaluate you and may ask some questions about your health. He would recommend if he feels medical marijuana is beneficial for your health.


After the doctor’s approval you will receive your recommendation by email in a few minutes. You will also be mailed the hard copy of the recommendation signed and stamped by the MMJ doctor.

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