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About us

We help you obtain your medical marijuana card quickly!



We understands that medical marijuana might be the only hope for some patients. And that they would want things to fall in place without much effort. At our clinic, we make sure to make things easier for you. Our licensed mmj doctors establish a connection with our patients, understand their medical issues, and help them with the right medical marijuana treatment plans.


Live More 420 prides itself on providing quick MMJ recommendations patients need to access cannabis legally. Marijuana is an effective treatment for various conditions, and we’re aimed at educating patients about the medical benefits of cannabis.



We envision a world where marijuana and natural therapies are easily accessible to the public. They will be legally protected, providing patients with the highest standard of care. Using, possessing, and growing cannabis will be free from any legal sanctions.

Our Story

From the beginning we have been a reliable source where you know you are getting a medical recommendation from a real doctor, working from a real established medical clinic. We are proud to maintain this reliability and transparency to our patients from day one. We are proud to serve you today as we realize our dreams of expanding accessibility for medical cannabis together with you, our patients. Together we are writing the story of medical cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I lost my recommendation letter, can i get a replacement?

Yes, you can get a replacement. Simply get in touch with us to get your up-to-date recommendation letter.

Do i need to renew my card?

Yes. A recommendation letter is only valid for one year.


Can i use my cannabis card in another state?

No. You cannot use your cannabis card in any other state as cannabis is not legal in every state and qualifying medical conditions also differ from one state to another.

Can i renew my medical marijuana card here?

Yes, we also provide medical marijuana renewal services to our patients.


What do i need for medical marijuana recommendation

All you need is a state issued photo ID. This could be Passport, driver’s license, employment authorization, green card, visa, or state ID.

Our Livermore 420 card solution services legal?

Our services are 100% legal as all our doctors are board-certified and qualified. You can verify our doctors’ license at Medical Board of California’s site.

More About Us


There is no need for an appointment. Sign up and fill out the form and provide your personal & medical details.


A marijuana Doctor will evaluate you and may ask some questions about your health. He would recommend if he feels medical marijuana is beneficial for your health


After the doctor’s approval, you will receive your recommendation by email in a few minutes. You will also be mailed the hard copy of the recommendation signed and stamped by the MMJ doctor.

Standard Packages

Our Medical Card

We Are Here To Help You In Every Manner Possible. If You Don’t Get Recommended, No Need To Pay. We Provide A 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Give Your Condition A Chance To Get The Best Possible Treatment.

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